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The Imp: Idle JRPG Game Basics

The Imp: Idle JRPG is a Japanese themed RPG with cute chibi style characters. In the game you collect Shikigami heroes that you power up to progress through various game modes. Your team consists of 6 Shikigami heroes with 2 front-line, 2 mid-line and 2 back-line heroes.
Shikigamis belong to one of 6 different Factions - Ghost, Human, Immortal, Monster, God and Demon. Each faction as an advantage over another in combat, dealing 25% more Damage and increasing HIT by 20%.

There is also a Team Attack & HP bonus based on the number of same-type Faction Shikigami on your team. The more Shikigami of the same Faction you have the greater the Team bonus is. Consider these Faction bonuses when building your Teams.

There are also 4 Classes that Shikigami can be - Tank, Warrior, Sorcerer and Assist.

Evil I Am Game Mode
The "Evil I Am" is a "Mahjong" style game mode where you select tiles on a board and try to match 3 of the same tile types. The rewards for clearing stages are worth while including summon scrolls and hero shards.
Each stage gets more difficult with more tiles and different type of tiles added. But, you get access to 3 helper items as you play - "Removal Bomb", "Revert Clock" and "Randomize Loop" which can help in some situations where you are unable to continue moves on the board.
This game mode can be a fun change of pace after battling it out on Campaign and PvP battle modes.

The Imp: Idle JRPG Tier List

Arrow MasterGodWarriorA
Assassin KeHumanWarriorA
Barbarian KingMonsterWarriorA
Black Hell GuardGhostSorcererD
Blade MasterHumanWarriorA
Blade RunnerImmortalWarriorB
Bow WarriorHumanWarriorD
Bunny GirlMonsterAssistB
Dark WukongMonsterWarriorA
Demon EnvoyDemonSorcererC
Dragon KnightImmortalWarriorA
Eastern AlchemistDemonAssistS
Fairy MariposaImmortalSorcererS
Fox MonsterMonsterSorcererC
Lord ProtectorHumanTankA
Mermaid PrincessImmortalAssistA
Monster WandMonsterTankB
Panda SummonerHumanTankB
Phantom PriestGodAssistS
Phantom QueenMonsterAssistA
Pleiades GuardianImmortalSorcererB
Punished LancerMonsterWarriorB
Roving DoctorGodAssistB
Snake PrincessGhostSorcererB
Spider QueenDemonSorcererB
Star EnvoyImmortalSorcererC
Storm WizardDemonAssistC
Thunder ArcherImmortalSorcererD
Tiger FighterMonsterWarriorD
Tiger PatriarchMonsterTankC
Touch of DeathGhostWarriorC
Vampire PrincessDemonWarriorS
White Hell GuardGhostSorcererC
White SnakeGodAssistS
Wise ElderGodSorcererC
Wolf FighterGhostTankA

Shikigami Rank Up Guide

Shikigami can be ranked up by consuming other Shikigami and Breakthrough Gems. Click each Rank-up stage to view resources required to reach that star level. Note: 3-Star Shikigami may seem useless, but are required to rank up a 4-Star to 5-Star as food, so keep a few around for food use.

5 Star 6 Star  
6 Star 7 Star  
7 Star 8 Star  

The Imp: Idle JRPG Codes

VIP6665x Hero shard, Souls, Gold Coins
VIP8881 Summon Lollipop, Souls, Gold Coins
VIP9992 Summon Lollipops, Gold Coins
PMPM77773 Summon Lollipops, 200 Jade
BEST66662 Summon Lollipops, 200 Jade
mm6661 Summon Lollipop, 66 Jade
mm5203 Summon Lollipops, 50k Souls
mm88820k Souls, dice

How to redeem The Imp: Idle JRPG codes
Click on the "Benefits" Icon at the top of window. Then click on the "Activation Code" tab to enter your codes.

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