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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Game Basics

One of the main features Bloodline has is the Marriage & Heir systems. These systems allow you to produce new Champions (Hiers) and pass Traits (Marriage) to other Champions. This process allows you to customize your Champions with abilities that will bring the most benefit in different areas of the game.

While this game is not like a traditional Idle RPG style game, it still has idle elements to it, so you'll always have opportunities to develop your account even when you're not online.

Champions & Clans:
Champions are separated into Clans. Each clan has a male and female version. Both males & females have different skills and abilities so they are treated as different kinds of champions. Champions have different Rarity, starting with Common > Rare > Epic > Legendary > Mythic.
Champions also have ranks based on the number of Stars. You can ascend your champions to the next Star rank by feeding it copies. It is also possible to increase a champion's rarity through ascension.

Traits & Marriage:
Traits are extra bonus effects & stats each champion has. Champions have a unique Clan trait, plus 1 to 4 extra common traits based on the rarity of the champion. The higher the rarity, the more traits they will have. Traits also have levels (based on a champion's rarity) which increase the trait's effect.
You are able to marry male/female versions of champions to pass desired traits to your primary champions. This allows you to build champions with specific traits to maximize their strengths.

Companions & Heirs:
Companions are various clan characters you can meet as you play the game. You can build your relationship with them by giving them gifts. You can also Court them and produce a male or female Heir of the specific clan. The better your relationship with a companion, the higher rarity heirs you will produce.

Districts is the primary way of obtaining gold. Gold is required to level up your champions. Each district will produce "taxes" (gold) at a specific rate. You can increase the rate of gold income by upgrading your districts. Districts can increase gold rates by leveling it up, hiring workers and assigning specific champions to that district.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Tier List

Aeson (Female)MageD
Aeson (Male)MageS
Daevala (Female)AssassinS
Daevala (Male)AssassinA
Doombringer (Female)WarriorB
Doombringer (Male)WarriorC
Elzedith (Female)MarksmanD
Elzedith (Male)MarksmanB
Fulgur (Female)MageA
Fulgur (Male)MageS
Gryphon (Female)WarriorD
Gryphon (Male)WarriorC
Gultung (Female)MarksmanTesting
Gultung (Male)MarksmanTesting
Harul (Female)AssassinTesting
Harul (Male)AssassinTesting
Huntsdorf (Female)MarksmanD
Huntsdorf (Male)MarksmanC
Ignis (Female)MageA
Ignis (Male)MageB
Karg (Female)WarriorD
Karg (Male)WarriorC
Karguk (Female)TankC
Karguk (Male)TankB
Lionstone (Female)TankS
Lionstone (Male)TankA
Lume (Female)MageC
Lume (Male)MageB
Lycanis (Female)AssassinA
Lycanis (Male)AssassinB
Nasse (Female)WarriorC
Nasse (Male)WarriorB
Orost (Female)TankTesting
Orost (Male)TankTesting
Sallyhorn (Female)TankD
Sallyhorn (Male)TankA
Strixbane (Female)AssassinB
Strixbane (Male)AssassinB
The Luxuriant (Female)MageB
The Luxuriant (Male)MageD
The Scorching Fire (Female)MageC
The Scorching Fire (Male)MageD
Tidestorm (Female)MarksmanB
Tidestorm (Male)MarksmanA
Travain (Female)MarksmanA
Travain (Male)MarksmanC
Ugrull (Female)WarriorA
Ugrull (Male)WarriorD
White Eye (Female)MageTesting
White Eye (Male)MageTesting
Yivnian (Female)AssassinC
Yivnian (Male)AssassinS
Zaess (Female)MageB
Zaess (Male)MageC

Beginner Tips:

  • Focus on leveling the intimacy of one Companion at a time all the way up to Mythic. It's better to have 1 Companion producing Mythic Hiers than having multiple companions producing Epic Heirs. You'll also be able to pass Mythic traits to your primary champions much quicker (through marriage). If you're just beginning, start with a one-star companion as they will product Hiers much quicker.
  • Try to have champions with "Noble" and "Confident" traits assisting in Districts, as these traits will increase Leadership which increases Gold production rates.
  • Focus on developing Districts as much as possible as Gold is a limiting resource when leveling up your champions.
  • For Senate tasks, the "bread" reward is best for long term development of your districts. Gold will help if you need immediate resources and equipment can be aquired by progressing through the campaign.
  • There are regular Challenges that give extra rewards for doing common tasks such as leveling Districts, producing Hiers, charming Companions etc. Try to hold off on doing a lot of these tasks until a Challenge is available to gain extra rewards for free.

Districts Guide:

In Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, Districts is where you collect "Taxes" or Gold which is needed to level up your Champions. There are 4 types of Districts - Entertainment, Trade, Agriculture and Production Industry. As you progress through the Campaign, new districts will open up. Each District will generate Taxes which you can collect at any time. By upgrading each of the Districts, you'll increase the Gold per minute income that you can collect.

There are several ways to increase Taxes on each District, thus improving your Gold income.
First is "Level Up" your District using Construction Plans. Construction Plans can be obtained through Campaign rewards.

Second is Hiring workers by using the Bread resource. Bread can be obtained through Campaign and Senate rewards. The maximum hired workers increases as District level increases. Third is assigning specific Champions which give an income bonus. As the District level increases, the more Champions you can assign to the District. Note that only certain Clans of Champions can be assigned to a District based on the 4 District types mentioned above. Also Champions assigned to Districts are "locked" in that District and cannot be used in other areas of game such as Campaign or PvP teams. It's best to select Champions to specialize for District use. Lastely, you can increase your District income by collecting more Companions - then increasing their Companionship level using Charisma points. Charisma points can be obtained by Carousing with your Companions.

It's important to always keep your Districts upgraded so your Gold income can be maximized. Gold can be a limiting factor in leveling your Champions, so you'll want to stay on top of keeping your Distrct levels at their highest possible.

Marriage Guide:

The Marriage system is used to transfer desired Traits from one Champion to another. To initiate a Marriage, you require a Wedding Ring which can be obtained from various areas of the game.
In the Royal Hall, you will select two Champions - the main Champion (left side) will be the one that will inherit the new Trait. The 2nd Champion (right side) will pass one random Trait to the main Champion. Note: When the Marriage happens the 2nd Champion will be deleted. After you add the two Champions for Marriage, you can select which Trait from your main Champion you want to discard. Then a random Trait from your 2nd Champion will replace the selected Trait on your Main Champion. While the Trait that is transfered is randomly selected from the 2nd Champion, it is possible to increase the odds of getting the desired Trait to transfer.

A Champion cannot have duplicates of the same Trait. So, if both Champions have 4 out of 5 Traits the same, the Marriage will force that one unique Trait onto your Main Champion. Keep this in mind when selecting spouses for Marriage - If the two Champions have matching Traits, those Traits cannot be tranfered, thus increasing the chance that the Trait you want transfered will happen. (See image below for an example where 2 Traits are the same, so only "Aggressive" or "Hex-proof" can be transfered.) Champion Rarity does not matter when selecting Marriage partners. However, the Trait level will remain the same when transfered. So when you select a spouse for your main Champion, make sure their Trait levels are high. It's generally not worth spending Wedding Rings to transfer low level Traits to your main Champions.

Bloodline Vigor
An additional benefit of Marriage is that your Main Champion will get "Vigor" points for each Marriage they have, which increases their base stats. So even your Champion already has the perfect Traits, you can still marry them to gain Vigor. (Just don't select a Trait to remove from your Main Champion in the Marriage screen and no Traits will be transfered.)

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Codes

BLD2023Diamonds & Gold
BLDSAROS3x Summon crystals, 500 Diamonds + other items2023-01-31   (Jan. 31)

How to redeem Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas codes:
Click on your portrait icon in the top-left corner of window. Then click on the 'Gear' icon for settings on the left side. Scroll down to 'Redemption Code' button under the Terms of Service section.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Screenshots

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