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Myth-M RPG: Apotheosize Game Basics

Heroes in Myth-M are one of 4 elemental factions - Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Despite heroes having different factions, there are no advantages or disadvantages from hero factions in combat. However, the hero's faction does come into consideration when ranking up heroes.

Along with the factions, there are 6 class types:
Assist - Healing and support to the team
Mage - High magic damage attacks
Ranger - High physical damage attacks
Tank - High defensive stats and abilities
Warrior - Balance of damage and survivability
Wizard - Magic based enemy crowd control abilities

It's important to build teams with a balance of classes for best combat results.

Team order is also very important to consider when building your team. There are 5 positions numbered 1 to 5. Attacks happen in order - where the player's #1 position attacks, then the enemies #1 position, followed by the player's #2 position, enemies #2 position etc.

Organize your team order to make sure you have your defensive buffs up early and your attack buffs on before your damage dealers attack.

Myth-M Tier List

* The tier list is still being developed as we test all the heroes to determine their strength.

Cheyenne DengRangerFireB
Empress ShijiMageEarthS
Erlang ShenWarriorAirS
Gao LanyingRangerWater
Hana FistbonesWarriorFireS+
Huang FeihuTankEarthA
Huang TianhuaWarriorFireB
Jiang ZiyaAssistAirC
King WuAssistFireB
King ZhouTankWaterB
Li JingWizardEarth
Luo XuanMageFireA
Noe JinjaWarriorAirC
Princess LongjiAssistWaterB
Shen GongbaoWizardWater
Tuxing SunRangerEarthC
Wei HuTankAirB
Wen ZhongMageFireC
Yu YuanTankWaterA
Yuan HongWarriorEarthS

Myth-M Beginner Tips

  • Don't use all your challenge points in Hunting Threshold on one boss. Make sure to attack each boss at least once. You'll get participation rewards from each boss you attack even if it doesn't die.
  • Join a Clan as soon as possible and participate in the guild activities. Clan offering tokens can be traded for Heroes and Warsouls in the Clan shop.
  • Influx Stones are the biggest bottleneck when leveling up your heroes. Try to obtain them anywhere you see them in game including Marketplace shops, Hero's journey quests and Cosmic realm battle modes.

Myth-M Codes


Myth-M will often post short-term weekend codes on their Facebook Page that can be redeemed only for that weekend. You can follow them to check for more latest codes.

How to redeem Myth-M codes:
Click on your character icon on the top-left of the screen, then click on the "Gift Code" button on the right side.

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