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Guide Contents

Tales of Grimm Game Basics

Tales of Grimm is a unique Fairy Tale themed idle RPG with recognizable characters from various classic stories. Along with the uniquely stylized art design, it's a nice change visually from the many Anime themed RPG games.

Heroes are one of five Types - Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark.
Each Hero Type has a combat advantage over another with a Hit Rate increase of 20% and a damage bonus of 25%. There is also a Team Attack and HP bonus based on the number of Heroes of the same Type on your Team. The more Heroes of the same Type on your Team will increase the bonus amount. Consider these bonus effects when building your Team compositions.

There are also 4 Classes - Mage, Warrior, Guard and Support.
With a team consisting of 5 heroes, formation is important to consider with Guard and Warrior in front-line and Mage/Support in the back-line.

Make sure to participate in the "Summon Mania" in the first 5 days to get free 5-star heroes to help you get a strong start.

Crystal Lake Guide

By advancing through the campaign, you'll unlock locations in the Crystal Lake. These locations will slowly accumulate free resources that you can collect in addition to your normal idle rewards. As you increase your team power, you'll be able to add Heroes to locations to increase rate of resource generation even more. Make sure to maintain position of your strongest heroes and upgrade locations as soon as they become available to increase your passive rewards over time.

Tales of Grimm Tier List

Mad GrannyDarkSupportS+
Princess MollyLightGuardS+
Prince CharmLightWarriorS+
Liar HauteurFireMageS
Marksman RobinWindWarriorS
White QueenLightMageS
Wisdom BirdLightMageS
Wonder AllishLightMageS
Dark QueenDarkWarriorS
Yuri SchneeWaterWarriorS
Blade GinaWaterWarriorA
Bunny BrideWindMageA
Fairy MarieLightMageA
Gale LaddinWindWarriorA
Genie CuyaWindGuardA
Maid SophieLightSupportA
Miss ConchWaterSupportA
Nightmare MarleneDarkMageA
Prince SpadesDarkWarriorA
Quasi MortalFireGuardA
Quickcut PinnoFireWarriorA
Swift AliLightWarriorA
Dark KnightDarkGuardB
Fencer PedroFireWarriorB
Goddess BellaWaterMageB
Lil PrinceWindWarriorB
Nightmare EllaDarkSupportB
Princess PeayaWindSupportB
Red QueenFireWarriorB
Rogue JackWindWarriorB
Bean SageWindGuardC
Cindy's StepmotherFireMageC
Queen LilithWaterMageC
Raven MaalWindMageC

Tales of Grimm Hero Rank Up Guide

Heroes can be ranked up by consuming other Heroes and Promotion Stones. Click on each Star rank below to view resources required to rank up a Hero to that star level.
Note: 3-Star heroes are required to rank up 4-Star food heroes to 5-Star, so keep a few for those food rank-ups.

5 Star Hero 6 Star Hero  
6 Star Hero 7 Star Hero  
7 Star Hero 8 Star Hero  
8 Star Hero 9 Star Hero  
9 Star Hero 10 Star Hero  
10 Star Hero 11 Star Hero  
11 Star Hero 12 Star Hero  
12 Star Hero 13 Star Hero  
13 Star Hero 14 Star Hero  
14 Star Hero 15 Star Hero  

Tales of Grimm Codes

VIP777200 diamonds, 200 promotion stones
VIP1231 summon gem, 200 diamonds
TOG77720 summon gems
TOGEVERYDAY10 summon gems, 200 diamonds, 100k gold, 50k hero exp
4URACC1 summon gem, 200 diamonds
GIFT66610 summon gems
LUCKY888888 diamonds, 888k gold, 88k hero exp
FANS8885 summon gems, 200 diamonds
VIP999200 diamonds, 99 promotion stones
VIP666200 diamonds, 100k gold
VIP888200 diamonds, 10k hero exp
Merry122510 summon gems, 20 summon gems
TOG202310 summon gems, 20 summon gems

How to redeem Tales of Grimm codes:
Click on the "Settings" icon on the right side menu. Then click the "Gift Code" button from the button list.

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