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Angel Legion Beginner's Guide

There are 4 Hero types in Angel Legion - Physical, Magic, Support and Guard.

Physical and Magic focus on dealing damage, Support focuses on healing and Guard for defensive.

You start the game with Mysterious Girl "Miya". She will always be on your team and cannot be removed. There are a total of 6 slots available on your team, one for Miya and the remaining 5 can be chosen by you.

There are 3 different battle modes to build teams around - PvE, PvP and Alpha. Alpha is a battle mode where you do as much damage as possible to a boss in a limited time. So you'll want heroes that specialize in pure damage for Alpha mode.

Your main character Miya has three Artifacts you can switch between named Scythe, Sniper and Katana. Depending on which Artifact she has equiped, she will buff certain team members around her.

Miya will have different attack skills depending on the Artifact she has equipped. Not only does her skills change, other heroes on your team who synergize with the Artifact that Miya is using will gain an additional combo ability. Keep this in mind when you are building teams. For example, if you have Miya in Katana mode, try to add Heroes to the team that synergize with the Katana artifact to maximize potential.

When you are selecting Miya's Artifact, look under "Related" section to see which Heroes have skill synergy with that Artifact.

In addition to your Main story quest, in Adventure mode, you can move your ship to travel around and find various items, other players or enemy Space Pirates to fight for additional rewards.

Angel Legion Tier List

Arcane ScholarMagicS
Battle ArtistPhysicalC
Bounty HunterPhysicalC
Butterfly GirlMagicB
Dark ShooterGuardC
Deadly ShadowPhysicalA
Dragon KnightGuardB
Element SpriteMagicA
Filial SpiritPhysicalA
Flame WitchMagicD
Ghost PrincessSupportB
Hell ScytheGuardB
Justice BladePhysicalB
Justice KnightPhysicalD
Magic ArrowMagicA
Mental HealingSupportA
Phantom BladePhysicalS
Punk GuitarPhysicalB
Raging AngelMagicA
Saint of OrleansGuardD
Sakura DancerSupportS
Shining GirlMagicC
Shura KillerPhysicalA
Shy GirlPhysicalC
Storm WitchMagicB
Sword MasterPhysicalB
Tenka FubuPhysicalC
The ExecutionerGuardD
The SergeantPhysicalC
Time GuardianMagicA
Time JumperPhysicalB

Angel Legion Beginner Tips

  • Make sure to keep your Cabin areas leveled up as you play. These Cabin areas will help you generate free items and resources over time to help advance your account, including hero shards and diamonds. The higher your Cabin level, the better the rewards.
  • Don't forget to travel around on the Adventure map to pick up free resources and fighting Space pirates. You'll gain daily progress points for additional rewards.

Angel Legion Screenshots

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